What Are Totem Signages?

What Are Totem Signages?

Signages have always been an integral part of the visual branding of a company! Totem signages, in particular, are very good messengers in conveying about your product to the general audience. In general, totem signs have been used as large freestanding structures that are displayed along with directions to nearby landmarks.

What Are Totem Signages?

Totem signs are top-end signages that are visually impressive and has the potential to be viewed from all angles. Usually located in crowded urban areas, they serve multiple purposes and are moderate in height.

Totem pole signs are usually available in several forms. They can be double-sided, single-sided, triangular or even 4-sided. The best part of having totem signage is that you could have several features within the sign that can be illuminated to highlight the features you want to. The key features of totem signages are that -

1. They Serve Important Information

The unique part of totem signage is that they serve information that onlookers want, usually in a public place. This makes them potentially magnets attracting the attention of people nearby. A good totem pole signage is one which leverages the environment of the totem pole signage and advertises to the audience based on that info.

Totem signages are usually found in airports, railway stations, commercial establishments like malls and in locations where people congregate. It is necessary for a good totem sign to understand the type of audience that visits the location and make a witty message that targets them!

2. They Are Visually Prominent

Colours, illumination and contrast play a major role in how we perceive brands. Good totem pole signs harmonize the colour of the brand with the environment. Certain colours go well with certain situations while some don’t. Minimalistic designs also beat designs that convey a lot of information any day as the latter causes information overload and does not make a good first impression. So it is important that you capture colours, illumination and location of the totem pole before building it.

Also, the location of the totem pole matters a lot. This is why it is necessary that you understand the various visual elements of totem signages. Having undertaken multiple projects in totem pole and other types of signages, we would be glad to help you out in making the perfect signage that can act as a lead magnet for your business!

3. They Are Physically Strong and Don’t Have to Be Replaced

The essence of any physical material especially as large as a totem pole is to be mechanically strong and reduce the costs of maintenance.

There is a myriad of factors that influence the stability of a totem pole and longevity. These include climate, external environment, humidity, foundation and the type of material used to erect the totem pole.

4. They are perfectly suited to the environment

A Human mind is especially fickle. Signages have to make a very good first impression and we have learnt it via a lot of practice that it takes all factors to be right to have a perfect totem pole signage. And having worked with a medley of clients and honed this practice, we develop digital models and show how the signage would look in real time before it is even built. This is especially important for totem pole signages as there are so many factors involved that would affect the end result.

Why Go for Totem Pole Signages?

If you are looking to advertise in strategic locations to an upscale or niche audience, then totem pole signages are your best bet. In an era of digital, totem pole signs have stood the test of time and are a very effective source of advertisement. They are useful for multiple purposes and are not very flashy. They are also very powerful lead magnets if used correctly. They are very good in proliferating your brand to a wider demographic.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Totem Sign for Your Business?

Every business is different. So is every customer. As a company who specializes in signages, we would tailor the message of your brand in the signage and capture the essence in the crispiest way possible.

If you are a firm looking to attract more customers to your niche/upscale business, totem signs are the best way to start!

Just fill us your details here and let us get back to you as soon as we can with a price that is affordable and is tailored for your firm after we do our due research!

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