ith shop front signages, you can attract customers towards your shops. We all know that the first impression is the best impression that is long lasting. So if you don’t have a proper shop front signage, you’re missing a trick.

Retail premises can maximize their potential with a unique, innovative and eye-catching store front sign design. When the competition is robust, it is paramount that your signage stands out from the crowd and projects a strong brand image to your dormant customers.

Different types of shop front signages:

  • Department Store Signage
  • Signs for Galleries and Hairdressers
  • Fast-Food Shop Fronts
  • Hospitality Signages
  • Hotel and Restaurant Fascia
  • General Store Signage

Shop front lettering and acrylic signs both are the most popular types of shop front signages.

1. Create a Great Design With Shop Front Signages

Better the design, the more attention your shop front will receive. Create a design that utilizes window displays and blends with the existing architecture. Use eye-catching signage to catch the attention of foot traffic.

2. Keep Your Shop Front Clean and Attractive

An untidy shop front is a major turnoff to most of the foot traffic. To make a good first impression, ensure that your storefront is neat and clean at all times. Keep the window display free from distortions and remove any loose trash. Customers will judge your shop from its entrance gate, and for the best of shop front signage, you need to put in a little extra effort to present your shop at its best. Lighting up of your shop front signage is an easy and affordable way of making your exterior attractive. A stylish door furniture and good quality of paint will help you in making your shop look impressive. In the same way, you should keep your shop front clear of any junk and have your windows regularly washed.

3. Reinforce Your Brand

It is essential to reinforce your brand representation appropriately on the front of your shop. Build brand awareness by displaying your logo and introducing color palette into the design.

4. Optimise The Width Of Your Store Front

The broader your shop front is, the longer it will take foot traffic to pass. Utilize all the width with displays to catch the attention of passers. As a thumb rule, larger the sign, the better. It is essential to have accurately designed and delivered signage that looks proportionate to the size of the shop front. So if you don’t feel confident in taking these measurements yourself, you should call in a professional to do so. You should further check if there are any council regulations regarding the size and the color of the sign. You will usually be able to have any sign that you want, as long as it isn’t offensive.

5. Create Attractive Window Displays

Window signages are equally important as the window displays. If you have weekly offers, you can put up signs in the window that let people know what you have available in the store. Make sure your signs are well made and look appealing. Take good use of your shop front window by displaying large posters, sale signs, and your latest merchandise.

6. Make Your Entranceway Accessible

A classic looking shop front isn’t enough to get a passersby to enter. It also needs to be convenient. Ensure there are no obstacles in the entrance and that it is wheelchair friendly. If your entranceway is unappealing, people are less likely to want to come through your shop. Do place bargain bins in the entranceway to entice shoppers to appear through, or even more aesthetically pleasing elements like flowers can do the trick too.

7. Pull-Up Banners Outside the Shop

Pull-up banners are a perfect addition to the outside space in front of your store. With attractive deals on them that can be changed for new ones, it’s an ideal marketing opportunity. Because you can easily swap out the banners, you can change up your promoted content at a fall of a hat. They store easily inside, so can be put out the front during each work day, and then taken back inside when business is closed for the day.

8. Rotate your Window Banner

Many shops make the mistake of having the same display in the front window for several days. For the people that walk past your store often, they will be used to seeing the same thing over and over again. Keep changing your window display once per week to grab those repeat passers by’s attention. It might be a possibility that if someone doesn’t visit your shop in the first week, they will come in a third or fourth week.

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