Advertising strategy depends on the types of businesses and industries. People always try to find newer ways of advertising to promote their products and services. But there is no one right way. For most enterprises, sign boards advertising attracts more new customers and success. How will you know that your sign board is useful, dazzling and eye catching? Follow the guidelines listed below to build a better sign board.

Messages Must Be Short and Crisp on Sign Boards

People who pass by that area see the sign boards. As they drive or walk through, they just take a glimpse of the signs. So, avoid excessive text on signage. On an average, a person will see your sign board for about six seconds. Therefore, any data put up on the signage boards must be large enough for them to read quickly. Make sure that the message is to the point, don’t try to deliver full advertising messages, as you would for television. Show product glimpses that pick curiosity.

Avoid Extensive Usage of Flashy Designs

To make your sign board operative you must keep your background simple. Mostly stick to one large image. That one dynamic image will effortlessly attract eyes to your signage than a handful of pictures. Sign boards get attention based on the strategy and design & not by bright colors. Contrasting colors within the design will also create a bigger impact.

Sign Boards are Not for Direct Response

Signage is a secondary advertising medium ideal only for a quick message and supporting a campaign. If you want to interact with your target audience, use SMS, television, radio, flyers, websites and direct mail, etc.,

Be Creative and Try to Show It

An original sign board will attract eyeballs. Text on billboards should not make people scratch their heads and wonder what is going on. Sign boards should be much simpler than an advertisement. Sign boards need not be standard. You can include 3D, moving parts, people interacting with it and even animations.

It Is Better To Have More Sign Boards

Billboards are a mass market medium. Placing sign boards at only one location is going to limit you to only those audiences who use that route daily. If your budget supports to set up sign boards at different places, do not hesitate to do so as and when required.

Balance the Logo Size

Clients pay a lot of money to advertise their brand, and they want the consumers to walk away with the brand identity preset in their heads. But, there should be a balancing act that must play between logo and message on it. Large size logo distracts from the message while with smaller size logo people cannot connect. So make sure logo size and message to be conveyed is balanced. We are specialized in 3D logos.

Concentrate on Font

High script fonts on signage boards are hard to read as they are invisible from long distances. So, using thick and simple font style is a good idea. The spacing between the individual letters avoids blurring. Use large fonts so that it allows people at greater distances to read it.

Test Your Work

Sign Boards are very costly. So before finalizing it, you should once test it. It is better to check billboard by asking a person to look at it for 5 seconds from a greater distance and then ask him about his interpretation.


Place signboards along highways and busy streets, you’ll be assured that people will see your advertising. Also, unlike magazine ads, you cannot turn the page on signage. So, people will observe the billboard whether they like it or not.

Billboard advertising works better for the overall business. Therefore, try to build a good sign board. Adworld Signages are the leading signage manufacturers in the country with over 20 years of service. Our unique selling proposition has been the quality, best in class service, on time delivery.

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