In this tech-centric, high-paced world, while the internet possesses the potential to reach a larger market via online marketing than displays and print advertisements do, you can’t afford to ignore visible signage. Though it might sound old-fashioned, a recent survey shows that building signages can be your best bet when it comes to grabbing people’s attention. Your ability to design and produce effective, compelling, attractive building signages goes a long way in building trust and in determining where shoppers will buy.

Whatever might be your preferences, the design of a sign can create a significant impact on a company’s ability to get new customers. Here are four design tips for creating effective building sign boards that attract customers:

Color and Contrast of Your Building Signages

Surveys and studies have shown the color plays a significant role in recognition of a trademark. For example, Pepsi is associated with white, red and blue, Domino’s Pizza with red and blue, and so on. Colors are powerful, and the have a successful signage design it is important to implement colors that engage and excite strategically.

Simultaneously, it is important that you pay attention to contrast and if the text and graphics are blending well together as not all combinations will always work. It is critical that the building signage is readable from all angles and viewpoint so pay attention to the use of outlines and shading to make foreground images and text pop.

Consider the Size and Viewpoint

The size of the signage can vary based on the message you are trying to convey. A bigger building signage will create a better impact, for a powerful and bold statement and in case of a more sophisticated or refined touch, a smaller sign could work well. But before considering and determining the size of your building sign boards, consider the distance from where you want the sign to be visible. In cases of a retail store, you may want signage placed high above the building to attract traffic from the street.

Test placement and Make it visible

It is always a good strategy to not to have a permanent installation. You can keep experimenting multiple locations to know where your building sign is most active and ask for feedback based on the placement. The best way to get feedback is to ask your customers whether they noticed your sign walking into your store.

A study has proved that most of the customers are failing to find a business due to small, unclear signage. You have a good chance of losing customers if the position of your sign is obstructed by buildings, power lines, trees or other signs. It is crucial to inspect the placement of the building sign boards from all commanding viewpoints a potential customer might have. To make it stand out and visible all time, consider adding lights or changing its position, colors.

Less is more

It is imperative for your customer to be able to read the message on your building signages and process it quickly on a subconscious level. Try using the easy-to-parse message in a high-contrast format to attract your customers and build trust in your brand. Prioritize your message and don’t exceed the word count more than seven when choosing the design. If you want to emphasize the location of your new store, feature it. The key is to keep it simple. You would have to consider that you have only a couple of seconds to grab your potential customer’s attention to your brand and you to communicate only the unique point above all. Once the customer comes to your store, you can tell him more about your brand.

Final Thoughts!

Creating active physical building signages it part of overall marketing strategy. Don’t listen to those who say visible signage should take a backseat to digital advertising as building signs are often one of the first pieces of marketing collateral a business produces. In an era where internet marketing is taking the front seat, visible building signage still holds incredible value to evolve your brand to a next level. Customers remember signs so take the time to develop something that represents your brand and reaches your audience as it might be your only chance to make a great first impression.

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