CNC Laser Cutting

CNC Laser cutting is a process of cutting complicated bigger or smaller industrial parts from sheet metal with smooth finish and accuracy for products like 3D channel letters and acrylic letters.

We are committed not only to your various prototyping needs for mechanical testing and aesthetically verifying your designs, but also to exceed and deliver them with a focused continuous improvement approach with proactive innovation ideology.

Laser Technology provides some unique benefits:

    1. Due to a reduction in lead & set up time, production cost per piece is less.
    2. At a little cost, we can incorporate changes in part design.
    3. High level of particular output radiation.
    4. Excellent edge quality, with Finish, Accuracy & Repeatability and fast working on complex shapes.
    5. Applicability to most types of materials and a little distortion on a workpiece.
    6. No wear or breakage due to non-contact nature.
    7. Ecologically clean technology with little cutting noise.