dvertising screens and Decorative Glass Films are the visual content which are specially delivered through a digital screen such as – L.C.D or L.E.D screens. The content or the message of the company is often projected simultaneously through these screens, either indoors or outdoors in public and corporate places for information or advertisement purposes.

Tips to Follow Before Installing Advertising Screens

Know The Purpose Of Installing Advertising Screen

Before going for the advertising screen, know your main objective. Ask yourself –

  • Why do you want to install advertising screen?
  • What did you want to accomplish by installing advertising screen?
  • What is your purpose? Whether it’s for getting attention or just for entertainment or giving information to your customers?
  • What kind of experience do you want to give to your clients?
  • What kind of contents and information do you want to show?
  • Whether it should contain some dynamic videos or films or just image and texts?

Take into Consideration the Environmental Factors

After deciding your purpose, you should choose whether you need an outdoor display or in-store display or display out of the home. Both outdoor and indoor environment have different impacts on your advertising screen. During daytime, not all digital screens give you readability due to high brightness of daylight. LED, LCD or OLED screens should be selected carefully. You should choose your screen keeping in mind the different impact of environmental conditions on your advertising screen.

Choose the Right Size

Selecting a size might look like an easy task, but trust me it’s not so easy to decide the optimal size of your screen. Before deciding the size, consider the followings:

  • You should know your space where you want to place your advertising screen.
  • How large or small is your area and what should your device project?
  • What is the distance between the customer and the display?
  • Whether it is good to place one single large screen or place many small screens

Find the Right Resolution

Resolution of the screen is as important as selecting the size of the screen. Not all screen give you good HD quality images. A right pixel for your screen is significant. Good quality videos or images attract more customers and have a good impact than bad quality images.
Decorative Glass Films can be used for both decorative purposes as well as for corporate advertising. It is an affordable way of decorating the glass windows, doors or walls, giving it a more expensive look, that too by protecting the glass. These films can be customized according to the need of the customer. This is used for enhancing the interior of the house as well for promotional purpose in the corporate world.

Benefits of Choosing Decorative Glass Films

Decorative glass films have become a famous design trend in the corporate world for renovating the dull office space and making it a more lively place for employees to work. People are now replacing interior walls with designer decorative glass for lobbies, offices and conference rooms. Following are some benefits of decorative glass films to your office:

1. Privacy Benefits

Decorative glass films come with different opacity levels, you can choose according to your purpose. Having glass window may seem like you won’t have any privacy will be lost, but it’s not like that. You can choose frosted, tinted or colored window film, which has different opacities, to give you the privacy you need, without compromising with natural light.

2. Flexibility

Glass films not only provide natural light to your office but also enhance the sophistication of your glass. Decorative glass films can be customized according to your needs and requirements. You can customize your space by choosing different designs, style, prints and patterns along with cut and textured glass.

3. Cost Effective

Decorative glass films are easy to clean and maintain and are also more durable. It is cost effective, as it gives you the flexibility to change the glass films as and when required without damaging the glass. Changing the look of the office is very easy with these glass films that too at a very low cost.

4. Boosts Employee Morale

Glass films help in boosting the natural lights inside the office, giving employees a more comfortable environment to work and increase the productivity by reducing the glares on monitors and reduce the dependency on blinds.

5. Branding

Branding can be done by using different creative prints, graphics, images or logos to attract customers and enhance customer engagement with the brand. One can use the whole building to look like an ad branding or make the walls of the store look appealing by displaying the products or promoting the brand, making customers recognize your brand and remember for a longer period easily. Also, it’s another way to attract passerby without doing much.

6. Change Is Easy

Decoration with glass films is very easy, whether you want to renovate your office or give an attractive look to your house. You can change it anytime, without doing any damage to your glass and can opt for a different look anytime you want.

7. Customer Experience

Companies having glass walls like – offices, restaurants, etc. try to give sunshine and beautiful view to their customers, but sometimes heat and glares that come from untreated glass windows are a big turnoff to the customers. By using good quality decorative glass one can reduce this problem and make the customer comfortable and happy.

8. Protection To Products And Furnishings

Having good quality glass not only protects you from harmful UV rays but also protects your internal flooring, furnishings, fabrics and your unique artworks from getting faded from sun rays, protecting you from the extra cost of replacement.

Final Thoughts!

The above mentioned benefits of advertising screens and decorative glass films are mainly used by the businesses for brand building and enhancing customer engagement with their brand. Both products help in attracting the attention of the passerby and creating an image in their minds about the brand and its offerings.

So, next time you want to do some renovation in your office, go for decorative glasses and if you want to increase your customer base, invest in advertising screens by keeping in mind the above-mentioned points. Our Ad World Signages team will work with you and give you the best and unique advertising screens and glass films to make your business more profitable. contact us immediately for shop front signages.

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