In the era of digital maps, directional signages still play a major role for companies, both via brand recognition and lead generation.

As humans, we get lost all the time, especially in places we are not familiar with. Here is where directional signs come into play. Turning a stressful situation into an opportunity, directional signs can be used strategically to guide the visitors to their destination whilst also implanting a positive notion about the brand in their mind.

We believe that directional sign boards can be used by local businesses and MNC’s alike in attracting customers who are nearby. Especially for B2C companies/industries, studies have found that a vast majority of the customers (about 85%) live within a five-mile radius of the establishment.

Also, when comparing the costs for an offline advertising channel like a signboard with Google Ads or Facebook Ads, the cost per view for signage is far less than a digital advertising channel.

At Adworld Signages, as one of the leading sign board manufacturers in Hyderabad, we have learnt a number of lessons along the way. Some of the key ones when it comes to direction or wayfinding signs are:

  • Location matters: It is the most important thing when it comes to deriving the maximum benefit out of a directional sign. This is why you ought to brainstorm and decide on a location that is strategic and is directly visible to a visitor when he/she feels lost.
  • Size matters: Not only does the size of the directional sign influence your budget, but signages that are too small or too big in size also might not be effective in conveying the message to the visitor.
  • Design is vital to the message that is being conveyed: The environment of the signage needs to be taken into factor when the directional sign is being designed and put on the location. To take an example, a light coloured sign in front of floodlights is probably not a good aesthetic choice.
  • Fonts matter: The most important facet of user design is that “fonts convey a lot about your brand to the onlooker, including the culture and soul of your brand. So it is vital that you finalize on a font that is visible even while viewing from a distance and conveys the message of your brand accurately and succinctly.
  • Messages and symbols are vital to the perception of your brand: Visual signages appeal much better to a normal prospect than sign boards that are text heavy. This is why you ought to use logos, arrows, symbols in abundance to convey your message. Also, go creative in your message and keep it crisp.
  • Sign boards ought to be maintenance friendly: Be it external signage or internal signage, it is vital that a signboard manufacturer makes a product which is cost-efficient and easy to maintain.
  • Directional sign boards ought to be unique: In a world where literally every street is adorned with sign boards, one question you ought to ask yourself is “how unique is my brand’s design and content?” People’s attention spans are quite low in general and the presence of too many sign boards only makes them less receptive to your idea. This is all the more reason why you ought to inculcate designs that are distinct and creative.
  • How functional is your directional signboard?: One important factor when it comes to sign boards is determining how useful the signage is to the average populace.

The thing about having external or internal signage for your company is that it is hard to determine the effectiveness of the signboard, unlike a digital ad where you can easily track the metrics. So, it is vital that you perform A/B testing, adjust the graphics or even change the location if needed to maximize the results.

In conclusion, directional signages can come in myriad shapes and sizes. It can either be an external signboard or an internal one.

A common example of external sign boards are:

  • Outdoor directional signs that guide the motorist or a pedestrian in the right direction. This type of signages could be apt for B2C companies that let prospects walk into their business without an appointment.

A common example of internal directional signage would be:

  • An indoor directional signboard to guide a hospital visit to the rightward.

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