There are many types of advertising boards such as LED boards, glow sign boards, flex board, neon sign board, acrylic led board, ring sign board and lots more. A LED board, or light emitting diode display, is a flat panel display that uses light emitting diodes as the video display. LEDs are used to make up a LED board. Billboards and store signs usually use LED display boards. Glow signs boards are a different type of sign board which light up at night. It is the combination of Neon, acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC flex and others. Now let us discuss the benefits of LED boards and glow sign boards.

Durability of LED Boards

LED signs are highly reliable and last much longer than traditional ones, which is a full 3 to 6 years longer than fluorescent and neon. LED boards don’t contain any gases that might escape and result to the dimness. And, they even maintain a better level of brightness throughout their lifecycle.

Glow Sign Boards are Easy to Use

You can use windows based computer tools to operate the glow sign boards and  LED display board. By this, it is possible for you to inform any data on the LED signs at any time throughout the day or night.

If you’re looking for outside publicity that stands out from the crowd and gets observed while saving energy and allowances, there’s nothing that can be superior to the glow sign boards. LED display boards make visual presentations accessible and operative. They make a world of difference for any event; with spectacular visual effects and clear, concise visual information made available to your audience.

Greater Colour Combinations

Bulb manufacturers produce LED bulbs in a broad spectrum of colors. So, when you upgrade to LED boards or glow sign boards, you can choose from colors including Red, Orange, Violet, Blue, Green, White, Pink, Purple, and Yellow. But don’t bound yourself to just these colors. You can create LED signs in a surplus of colors up to 16 million various color combinations. You can also add animations, graphics, designs, flashes and more to your sign’s program. This advantage allows you to entirely customize a LED sign, which means that you can attract more customers than before.

Messages can be Circulated on LED Signs

Ordinary display boards only allow you to post one message by which you usually can’t advertise sales in real time. The LED display board, however, eliminates these issues. You can program your LED board to rotate any kind of messages within seconds. You just need to add or delete text from the system, you can instantly appeal to your audience and use multiple promotions as well.

Advanced Technology

LED display boards are available in P1 to P10 resolution, you have excellent clarity of images without having to worry about location, distance, and different lighting angles. P1 – 4 is for indoor, such as presentations, seminars, conferences while P10 is for outdoor, where the viewers are far away from the screens. The image remains clear.

LED Boards are Available in all Shapes and Sizes

We can set LED signs as one unit of display. So, you can decide the size of the screen whether you would like a smaller screen for a seminar or workshop, or a large screen to be used outdoors for maximum visibility.

You can efficiently build one large screen from many small screens so that you can play around with the development of the big screen. You can also shape your large LED screen by using different patterns of the smaller screens to form the big one. Another major innovation is that you also get curved architectural signages, which ups the wow factor and allows for even better viewing.

LED display board has properties of flexibility. This attribute makes it feasible for you to show your business’s unique logo to all people around the building. The display can be programmed to move depending on the location of your business.


We place glow sign boards in darker locations, during the evening time and it is highly functional during the day, unlike other big screens. The visuals remain bright and easily seen, making it the perfect medium for daytime functions even if held outdoors.

Environmental Friendly

LED boards and glow sign boards consume only around 10 watts of power, which is about 80% less energy than neon systems. This lower power necessity results in less strain on the environment and makes a significant decrease in your lighting costs. LED signs don’t have any poisonous gases like mercury or argon.

Moreover, LED signs produce much less heat than other bulbs, so if your sign is indoors, you need not worry about it heating up your rooms and driving up the air conditioning bill.

We use glow sign boards at quick turning zones, accident prone regions, dark areas, lane merging zones and center verge because at night when light focused on these boards they absorb some light & glows brightly for some time with the help of absorbed light to prevent accidents.


Above mentioned benefits of LED boards and glow sign boards are mainly used for the business people to increase the attention of the audience and for photographers over regular people.

So, when you want to upgrade your business sign to a LED display boards, keep these benefits in mind. We are the finest LED signage manufacturers and our team will show you different design ideas and work with you to make your signs unique and dazzling.

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