Assume that you are walking on a street. Apart from the numerous buildings, trees and vehicles, what else do you see? All those big signage boards, showing different things, sometimes advertisements, sometimes a company name and sometimes locations. The primary work of a signboard is advertising, as you know. But before going into details, let’s start with the basics.

History of Signage

  • The word signage means “Signs collectively, especially commercial signs and posters”. The term “sign” comes from French “Signe”, meaning gesture, which in turn, has its roots in Latin “Signum”, meaning an identifying mark or indication.
  • Commercial signage has been in use for a very long time. According to some historians, it has been found that the Chinese used retail signboards and promotional signage in 960-1127AD. As consumerism and techniques began developing, there sprouted different varieties and materials of advertisement boards.
  • Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used signboards made from stone and terracotta. Ancient signage proves that there was an early link to trading and business.
  • King Richard II of England in the late 1300s ordered all brewers to use signboards to be legally able to be considered as a brewer.
  • Since 16th century, signage convention has been actively used far and wide all over the world to represent and inform about various things.

An Overhead Chinese Signage Board(Tour Beijing)

Functions of a Signage Board

If you think that signboards are basically for advertising, then there’s so much more you need to know about the functionalities of a signage board.
Provide Information – Signage boards have been long implemented for informational purposes- to show maps, for indicating gestures, instructions, and other things related to a place or a company.

A Signboard Providing Information about a Nature Reserved (This is Bingham)

Persuasion Advertising – We remember what we see. Our visual perceptions stay imprinted in our minds for a long time. That’s why many companies often take up signage solutions for advertising their business or products. Advertisement boards are a significant advantage because many people see them and many of them are encouraged by buying from or taking services from the company advertised on the signboard.

Pepsi Advertised on a Sign Board (Freelancer)

Navigational Use – You might have often come across signboards that indicate the directions to or from a specific place. Signage boards are frequently used to navigate people to locations to stop them from getting lost or confused. This is an essential function of a signboard.

A Signboard Indicating the Direction of Wall Street (HuffPost)

For Identification – Signage boards are also used for Identification of certain places or signs. Identification signboards are helpful in deciphering or decoding signs or symbols that may not be understood easily by people.

An Identification Sign Board for Chandigarh’s Municipal Corporation Office (India Mart)

Safety Instructions – Another vital role of a signboard is to portray safety instructions. This often helps in preventing accidents or any unwanted problems.

A Sign Board Indicating Safety Measures on a Construction Site (Signorama)

Now that we’re done with the functions of a signage board let’s move ahead to talk about the types of signboards that are available for use.

Types of Signage Boards

External Signage – External signage is the ones we see outside. These sign boards can be used as advertising boards, indicators or informational use. These sign boards might either be enormous billboards for advertisements, or medium-sized boards for showing a shop or a company’s name or as instructional signboards. The advantage of external signage boards is that it easily catches the attention of people, which can get a positive outcome.

An External Signage Board for David Lloyd, a Chain Luxury Gym and Fitness ClubProvider (Pantone)

Internal Signages – These are signboards that are placed inside a place. Like external signboards, these too can be used for advertising offers or informing something to the people who cross it. The advantage of using an internal signboard is that it further reinforces or encourages people to give a second thought about whatever company or business is advertised on the board.

An Internal Sign Board Showing Directions (Sign Plus)

Illuminated Signage – These are external signboards, which glow in the night. They can be used for safety boards or advertisements. The best thing about these sign boards is that since they light up or glow at night, they tend to catch more attention of onlookers.

An Illuminated Sign Board (Jack Rabbit Signs)

Fabricated Signage – These are basically 3D signboards. They may or may not be illuminated, but the texts on them have a 3D finish.

A 3D Sign Board for the McAfee Office (Comcut Group)

Fascia Signage – Fascia sign boards are the ones that are placed on the point where the roof meets the wall of a building, or on the front head of a building. These are mainly used as advertisement boards for shops and are also known as shop-fronts.

A Shop-front or Fascia Sign Board (Dan Display)

Why Does Your Business Need a Sign Board?

Guides People to You – A signage board is a guiding post, leading people to your physical shop. Imagine running a business in a tricky location. In such situations, people often tend to get confused about the location of the company or store they are looking for. A signboard straightforwardly directs people to the location of your shop.

Work Better than Regular Advertising – As the saying goes, “We believe what we see”. And as we already discussed, visual perceptions last longer and better than other things. Advertisement boards are said to be more efficient, leading more customers to visit a business or taking up the services of a company. Also, many people think that the potential of your business is directly proportional to the quality of signage board you invest in. This is a great way to attract customers

Effect of Sign Boards on Different Age Groups (Islam Proven)

Adds Value to Your Brand – How people value your business is highly dependent on the type and the quality of sign board you choose to advertise on. Higher the quality of your signage board, higher is your company’s worth. Your advertisement board is a crucial factor for a customer’s first impression of your business. A well-informative signboard is always attractive to people, who can turn into customers

Also Helps Accelerate Your Online Marketing Strategies – With all the pace that a signboard provides, you can use it in just the right way. If you are advertising your brand on a signage board, you can also use it to add your company’s website and your E-mail ID. That way, people who cannot visit your shop physically, can check out your services on your website.

Adding a QR Code to Your Advertisement Board Allows People to Scan the Code and
Connect to Your Website Directly (Hi-fi Social Web)

Cheaper in Comparison to Other Physical Advertising Methods – Advertising on a billboard costs too much money. So does in newspapers or televisions. Signage boards are cheaper as compared to these. Your customized advertisement board belongs to you, and it works round the clock. It’s up to you as to how much you want to spend on a signboard for your company.
Since you have read about the advantages your business can avail from implementing signboards as an advertising technique, you can go ahead to plan the kind of signage you require for your company, given that there are a plethora of options to choose from. But while choosing and eventually, installing your advertisement board, there are a few things you need to keep in mind

Best Practices While Installing a Sign Board

Keep Relevant Information –
An advertisement board should contain information that’s relevant to your business or your shop, say the address, or the tagline of your company, or some offer that you are providing. Stuffing it with irrelevant information will only cause the onlookers to ignore your signboard, thus costing you customers.

Customers Often Prefer Sign Boards that are Relevant (Zainab)

Short Messages are Better – If you were an onlooker reading a signboard, would you read something that’s tediously long, with little or no information about the business being advertised? No. Most people don’t. When you’re using an advertising board, make sure whatever you put upon it is short and is easily grasped by people. That way, potential customers can understand more about your company and would show interest in your services.

Precise Messages on Signboards Attract More Customers (Pinterest)

Keywords Should be Clear – Your message to the customers should be clear. The keywords you use on the advertisement board determine the type of audience you are dealing at. Make sure you use keywords on the signboard at least twice.

Add an Action Option – Adding a “Call to Action” option on your signage board can help interested people reach out to your business. You can add a phone number, a web address or an E-mail ID, anything that allows people to navigate from your signboard to your company.

A Call-to-Action Text on an Advertisement Board Gets More Attention (The Hangline)

Be Graphical – A plain, simple advertisement board is appalling. Get creative with your signboard. Add images, colours, creative but legible fonts along with a great message. This ensures more engagement of potential customers and target audience with your brand.

Graphical Sign Boards are More Attractive (Trip Advisor)

Make the Advertisement Perfect – Before finally placing your signboard, ensure that the contents of the advertisement are adequately checked. There should be no grammatical or spelling errors, as they cause a bad impression on the onlookers.

Place Your Sign Board at the Right Place- Your signage board is an introduction or insight to your business. You want people to notice it and eventually get in touch with you for the company’s services. It’s highly essential that you place the advertisement board in a place that easily catches your audience’s attention.
By now, you might have probably made sure to add a signboard for advertising your business. Now comes the time to decide the type of signage board you should use. Let’s help you out with that as well. As discussed, there are plenty of options to choose from. But which one suits the best for everything? Architectural signage goes well with everything. These are the type of signboards that are used for navigational, instructional and advertisement purposes. Let’s talk about why you should opt for architectural signage

Customizable Shape – Most signboards have a sturdy, fixed frame. However, with architectural signage, you can customize the shape and the size of the advertisement board. You can make it the way you want it to be and then add whatever information you want to.

An Architectural Signage Can Be of Any Shape You Want (Hindustan Signage)

Customized Fabrication – If you want to go for a fabricated architectural signage, you’ll be happy to know that an architectural advertisement board can be fabricated using a number of techniques, like sandblasting, routing and cutting. Sandblasting is a method that uses sand and air to blast the foam and fabricate the signboard. Routing technique is basically used on wooden signboards.

Fabricated Architectural Signage Gives a Better Finished Look (Robinson Creative)

Easy Installation – Installing a signboard can be a tough task. Finding the perfect location, installing it in an easy, hassle-free manner, and finally attracting customers to your store is time-taking. However, architectural signage has an easy installation process as compared to other types of sign boards. All it requires is a skilled usage of the tools, and you’re all set.

Workers Installing an Architectural Signage (Customer Food Truck Graphics)

Cost-effective – Even though signage boards are a comparatively cheaper medium to advertise your business, various types of sign boards have different costs. Since architectural signage is customizable according to your requirements, the cost of planning, building and installing an architectural sign board totally depends on you and can be controlled by you.

Basic and Appropriate – Architectural signage can be used anywhere. They can be used as safety sign boards, directional sign boards, informational sign boards and everything else. With their usage versatility, architectural sign boards are far and wide used by many companies for promoting their business.
Now that you know about signage and the various types of sign boards and why you should use signages for you business promotion, you can go ahead and make your business bigger and better with the flow of customers you’ll get, thanks to your clever advertising

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